日本政府は国民の声を聞かない。The Japanese government does not hear the people’s voice.

Secretary-General Ishiha Liberal Democratic Party said on his blog, "Demonstrators are terrorists in essence.
Secretary-General Ishiha Liberal Democratic Party said on his blog, “Demonstrators are terrorists in essence.
Mothers are also terrorists?
Mothers are also terrorists?

December 5, 2013.
The governing party was rammed for the specific protection-of-national-secrecy-law proposal in the Upper House committee.
Thousands of citizens gathered out of the Diet Building, and it was holding the protest rally.
The Government of Japan is going to keep away from information to people, and enact silently the law which it not only takes the people’s right to know, but binds up people like dictatorship.
It is expected for a specific state-secrets-law proposal to have an overwhelming majority of the governing party, and to be approved at the Lower House plenary session, today.
Many people feel anger for this dictatorial method.
Moreover, that present which passes through Parliament while a bill important in this way has not had deliberations fully rendered overlaps with the historical fact that Japan pushed on to war once.


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November 8.
Rohingya in Japan performed the protest in front of the Burma embassy in Japan.
Although a representative tried to hand a note of protest to the embassy staff directly, the iron door was shut firmly.


The end of the southeast in China.
Ingjang-City with a population of 300,000 which touches Burma and the border.
Now, in Ingjang-City, all the infrastructures in the center of the city refixed.
The town look like had air strikes.
Citizens are muscularly alive.
Inland development of the Chinese government is earnest.
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The operation of the soldier who received the fragment of the trench mortar in the shin was conducted without anesthesia.
The soldier was bearing sharp pain, without raising even a groan.
Many injury soldiers accommodated in the army hospital of KIA are killed by the Burma national army in the blood relation.
It will be said that peace and democracy are where of Burma.
Japan opted for resumption of becoming [ rode on the propaganda that Burma is being democratized and / dirty ]-from rights ODA.
This gold flows into the major company which is not in Burma and made the nuclear power plant in Japan.
Although there are many people who do not indicate that interest is unrelated, such as a thing of Burma, we have to know that the world is firmly connected by dusky rights just now.